Annual Plant Sale

On June 4th, 2016, we had our annual plant sale and what a beautiful day it turned out to be for us!

Our Garden Club Members goes through a lot work securing plants for this annual event, lots of committee meetings, categorizing plants, getting donations and even putting their own skills to work in creating unique masterpieces to add as raffle items. IMG_7420 IMG_7421
Setup was nice and easy thanks to the members husbands, family members and local Boy Scouts. This year we had a very successful plant sale, thanks to all the hard work of our members and our community support!

Click here to see pictures!

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Welcome to our new blog!

We are so excited to have a this new blog. This will be a forum that we’ll use to communicate about things we are currently doing within our community, we will also be sharing here information about plants and even about herbs. Please come back to check out what new things we have for you!

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