Holiday Season Recap

The Garden Club members were quite busy during the holiday season. The Memorial Room in the library was beautifully decorated and the public was invited to the open house on November 27, 2016. Guests were serenaded with music and Christmas carols by the Di Pasquale Family . The decorations remained on display until January 7, 2017. It is estimated that over  300 people  viewed the displays. As a club, we are very fortunate to have gifted and skilled members who can take ordinary items and make them into works of art!

In early December, with the help of Village employees, Christmas wreaths on Main Street were put up, and the light poles in Spring Park were decorated with garlands and lights.

The Flower boxes on Main Street were decorated with greens by both The Chamber of Commerce and  a few garden club  club members.   

A wreath was placed at the Blue Star Memorial by club members Karen, Barb, Margo and auxiliary member, Bruce Watson. A short ceremony was followed by  “hot coco”, courtesy of Karen Watson. The memorial wreath  was decorated and donated by Melinda from Melinda’s Garden Barn and

Not all our activities were work related. In December  we had our annual Christmas brunch at The Home Spun Niche. The food was fabulous and the company quite spectacular.

As the old adage goes “what goes up, must come down”. In early January, we were tasked with taking down the decorations in the Library’s Memorial room, and with the assistance of our village crew, the wreath, garlands and lights on Main Street came down and stored away, awaiting November, when the cycle will start all over again.

The Garden Club Of Richfield Springs, thanks the community for making “Holidays At the Memorial room” a success and to J & T Farms for its generous  donation.

Our next meeting will be held on 1/19/ 2017, at the RS Community Center, at 6:00 P.M.

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