Back in Time presentation by Don Urtz

Thursday, September 20, 2018     7:00pm     Richfield Springs Public Library

The Garden Club Of Richfield Springs invites the general public to a program conducted by Don Urtz, local photographer and historian, who will take us back in time through a slideshow of The Garden Club’s work around the community and changes in the past 75 years.

Refreshments and freshly baked cookies will be served.


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Annual Plant Sale

The Garden Club of Richfield Springs  will hold its Annual Plant Sale on Saturday, June 3rd, in front of Main Street Library, from  9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. In the event of rain, the sale will take place inside of the  library.  At 10:00AM, Master Gardener Marge Woodrow will conduct a demonstration on “making jellies from a variety of herbs”.

 There will be fabulous raffle prizes crafted by local artisans and crafters. The raffles prizes include four hand Crafted planters with annual plants, a handmade embroidered  tote bag, and a hand knitted merino, alpaca, silk lace gray shawl.

All  perennials, are at least second year quality plants from club members gardens. While there will be some annuals and house plants, quantities are limited.

We will have delicious home baked goods for sale, these include, pies, carrot cake, lemon bars, cookies, etc, made with fresh wholesome ingredients.   The sale will also include a boutique table.

The Garden Club of Richfield Springs is a non for profit organization with no financial grants from state or county.  Our only source of revenue comes community donations and revenue from the annual plant sale fundraiser.  Proceeds from the plant sale are for the beautification and maintenance of community projects. We appreciate your support!

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Pruning-re-sizedPruning before buds set will delay flowering and shorten height therefore less staking needed. i.e. cut coneflowers back in early June and they will bloom into September. Cut back in early July and they will bloom into October.

In late spring or early summer: certain branching perennials respond well to pinching, forcing more branching and lateral growth and shorter size when blooming.  — From RS Garden Club 2017-18 Yearbook

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Garden Club Updates

 After what seemed an endless winter,  The Garden club of Richfield Spring members hit the ground running  this Spring. As soon as the snow melted, and the weather broke, our community flower boxes and planting areas were cleared and prepped for planting, by Barb Crandall.

    Our April dinner meeting took place at PK’s Pub In Herkimer.  Eighteen club members attended, we had a lovely and enjoyable evening.  We enjoyed home baked cakes for desserts courtesy of Diane Jouben and Barb Crandall.

     The ways and Means committee will start planning for our annual  June Plant Sale Fundraiser. This year our plant sale is scheduled for June 3rd, in front of the Richfield Springs Public Library from 9:00 AM to 2:00 P.M. (In the event of rain the sale will take place in the Library’s Memorial Room)

In addition to annuals, perennials and herbs, there will be home baked goods, hand crafted item raffles and a burickobrack boutique table. 

There will be a presentation by Master Gardener Ms. M. Woodrow.

All plants for the sale are provided by Club members from their gardens. Raffles are hand crafted by club members and some donated by local business. Baked goods  are made and donated by club members using wholesome fresh ingredients.

We look forward to seeing and greeting community members and friends from other garden clubs at the plant sale. Watch out for our ad in the Penny-saver and posting in local business.

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Holiday Season Recap

The Garden Club members were quite busy during the holiday season. The Memorial Room in the library was beautifully decorated and the public was invited to the open house on November 27, 2016. Guests were serenaded with music and Christmas carols by the Di Pasquale Family . The decorations remained on display until January 7, 2017. It is estimated that over  300 people  viewed the displays. As a club, we are very fortunate to have gifted and skilled members who can take ordinary items and make them into works of art!

In early December, with the help of Village employees, Christmas wreaths on Main Street were put up, and the light poles in Spring Park were decorated with garlands and lights.

The Flower boxes on Main Street were decorated with greens by both The Chamber of Commerce and  a few garden club  club members.   

A wreath was placed at the Blue Star Memorial by club members Karen, Barb, Margo and auxiliary member, Bruce Watson. A short ceremony was followed by  “hot coco”, courtesy of Karen Watson. The memorial wreath  was decorated and donated by Melinda from Melinda’s Garden Barn and

Not all our activities were work related. In December  we had our annual Christmas brunch at The Home Spun Niche. The food was fabulous and the company quite spectacular.

As the old adage goes “what goes up, must come down”. In early January, we were tasked with taking down the decorations in the Library’s Memorial room, and with the assistance of our village crew, the wreath, garlands and lights on Main Street came down and stored away, awaiting November, when the cycle will start all over again.

The Garden Club Of Richfield Springs, thanks the community for making “Holidays At the Memorial room” a success and to J & T Farms for its generous  donation.

Our next meeting will be held on 1/19/ 2017, at the RS Community Center, at 6:00 P.M.

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Christmas In The Memorial Room

The Garden Club of Richfield Springs hosted a “Christmas In The Memorial Room” Open House event on November 27, 20l6 in the library Memorial Room.  Members created festive Christmas center pieces and displays transforming the library and Memorial Room into a Victorian Christmas wonderland.  Over 100 community residents enjoyed cookies & punch as they were serenaded by the DiPasqua family  who played and sang Christmas carols.

Beginning  a week before, the president of the library board and the “Christmas In the Memorial Room” decorating committee cleared the room of clutter and thoroughly cleaned the area. Members designed and displayed their Christmas arrangements. A fitting children’s arrangement was placed on the mantel in the children’s reading area with a special touch…individual stockings monogrammed with names of our librarians.

It has been tradition that The Garden Club of Richfield Springs transform the Memorial Room into a Christmas wonderland biennially.  This year we coordinated our event with the Memorial Service at the Church of Christ Uniting, the Spring Park Christmas Lighting Ceremony and the Chamber of Commerce 2016 Winter Wonderland window painting winners.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

During the past 75 years, The Garden Club of Richfield Springs has actively contributed to 20161127_151208beautifying  our village.  During the Christmas season, with the assistance of Village employees, Spring Park light posts are decorated with lighted garlands and bows and the gigantic decorative lighted wreaths are put up on Main Street light poles.

The school, library, pump house and fire house are festively decorated with greens for the season.  Although the Main Street flower boxes are not one of our club projects, club members have stepped up and assisted other community organizations filling the store front boxes with greens.

The Garden Club of Richfield Springs is a four-season, active working organization in our community.  Other garden club projects are caring for the rose garden around the clock in Spring Park, the herb garden in front of the library, the seasonal display in the library, plantings around the school flag pole, fire and pump houses.

The Garden Club of Richfield Springs is a nonprofit organization with no state or local funding.  All services to the community are free and paid by the club’s only fundraiser, the June plant sale.

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White Flower Farm

On Saturday, July 30th our club joined a district trip out to the White Flower Farm in Connecticut. We left bright and early, the bus picked us up in Herkimer and then we were off to pick more folks in Amsterdam. First stop the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge,  Massachusetts. What a lovely place, so much character and of course delicious food! Here some of the pictures taken at the Red Lion.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After a delicious lunch we got back into the bus and we were ready to see some beautiful flowers. However, what an understatement! There is something to be said about the mother nature’s beauty…and talk about the sense of peace you feel as you are at the farm. Here are the pictures from the farm. Click here to see photo album. Enjoy!


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Annual Plant Sale

On June 4th, 2016, we had our annual plant sale and what a beautiful day it turned out to be for us!

Our Garden Club Members goes through a lot work securing plants for this annual event, lots of committee meetings, categorizing plants, getting donations and even putting their own skills to work in creating unique masterpieces to add as raffle items. IMG_7420 IMG_7421
Setup was nice and easy thanks to the members husbands, family members and local Boy Scouts. This year we had a very successful plant sale, thanks to all the hard work of our members and our community support!

Click here to see pictures!

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Welcome to our new blog!

We are so excited to have a this new blog. This will be a forum that we’ll use to communicate about things we are currently doing within our community, we will also be sharing here information about plants and even about herbs. Please come back to check out what new things we have for you!

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